Monday, January 25, 2016


(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

Sometimes I feel a bit like Superman...
Perhaps a Stupid - Woman
In a world that beats down a Super-man
….Super- People
That's not reason-able.

You have to have a secret identity
Seen and Unseen
Blend in
Even though you don't Fit in
Act like a Citizen
Even though your a Queen...
... King
Keep your Majesty within.

Super – Duper fighting for truth against the Stupid
Silenced by the masses
Only focussed on their Assets..

Being Super is a weakness
To those who wish to see less
Punishing those who clean up the mess.
No one Caring
No one Trying
Accept the Super-ones
Are quietly changing how the World Runs.

Sometimes we forget we are all Superman
There are no Boxes to check or fill in
It's a choice, a chance
To do some 'Real' work
A 'Life' Class
Open the heart
Recognise the Importance...
What you do is yours
And this is what you take with you
You are your own cause
And what you hold on to
Learn to stay hidden
Be a 'Clarke' when no one is listen-in'
Let them think your a fool
Unaware you have it all
Because the higher it goes
The greater the fool...
I want to be a Superman...
Perhaps a Stupendous Woman
In a World that lifts up a Super-Man
...Super - People...
That's not so UN-Reasonable...?

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