Monday, February 8, 2016


(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

You can't escape Cause and Affect, and YOU have to do what needs changing..

You can't Pray and think that this will somehow over-ride cause and affect, because you don't live in a fantasy, but in a causal affecting place - 'Reality'...

You can pray that your neighbours turn their loud music down at 1am and then get angry at God for not hearing your prayers, you can pray for your partner or child to get well and then get angry at karma for not giving you justice; since you always give to people and do the right thing.

Nothing will Change unless you take Action.

And although I do believe there is an 'Element Energy' that provides source elements of love, intuition, projection, …. whatever you name this element, (ie: God); this is not however a physical manifestation of a 'Magic Genie' in the clouds that can somehow grant you what you ask for.. It is a childish concept to shirk your own responsibilities for a wish, prayer or a hope (like praying to Santa Clause and then deciding you hate life when he doesn't give you what you want.. An immature concept and a 'Victimised' one.)

Shit indeed does happen, because we do live on a planet with gravity, you can fall down, and other people can trip you, they can also not tell you to avoid the hole that you are about to walk in because they are too busy looking up at the sky and praying for God to fill in the hole instead of doing the work and filling in the hole themselves! (are you feeling this parable?!)

But, what truly matters is how you decide to get up once your in the hole.. Okay, so prayer and being a good person doesn't work, then what does? ….

Having faith in yourself does, Believing that you will find a way and Actioning it, Holding on to that source Element inside you that does guide your intuition like a compass,Knowing how to use this gravity to your advantage....What is low always has the best vantage point to see how to navigate the way ahead, just like in a fire, if you aren't up amongst the smoke, and confusion, but dropped Low, the clearer the air is and the more you can see.

The Reality is that if you ignore someone(s) that is giving to you, or not crediting them, then they will stop giving to you.
If you don't appreciate what you have, it isn't that God 'The Magic Genie' will take it away or that Karma will deal with you, it is that you will simply give your things away or things will get lost or get thrown out and you won't notice, until one day you will feel like you want some love or nostalgia and look around and find you have nothing...

The greater lesson is more in how you respond to life within yourself and what you are willing to Action....
The more you can cultivate the goodness inside yourself, the more you can stop thinking negatively, the more you can cherish what you have and those that do love you or give to you that are around you, Then the more strength you will have to be able to master the gravity of Cause and Affect and navigate through life's fires.

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